Abation Academy


Abation Academy allows students and professors to get connected. Students can request lessons of any subject. We have created the whole digital infrastructure for this project, from the website to the multi-platform App. The result was a social network based on questions and answers in the pure style of Quora and StackOverFlow. For the CMS [...]



Cuinoa is foodtech star-up based in sharing economy. For this project we have developed a marketplace for indie chefs using html 5, css 3 and php, also called «Cuiners» allowing them to offer dishes created by themselves to all the Cuinoa platform community (users). Chefs are able to manage, through the user profile, all the [...]

Darky Bat Game


Darky Bat is an iOS game created with the Cocos2D graphics engine and the Objective-C programming language. Now it is available in both platforms (Android and iOS) since we use the Apportable software, is was great option before the invention of cross-platform technologies. In the game the player will have to avoid, in the purest [...]