Frikiados App


Frikiados is a trivia game for geeks (people like us) natively developed for both iOS and Android with different categories to choose such as comic, manga, videogames, tv shows and movies. Players can edit their profiles and try to crown theirselves as the number one in ranking. All the content is managed by the client [...]

Darky Bat Game


Darky Bat is an iOS game created with the Cocos2D graphics engine and the Objective-C programming language. Now it is available in both platforms (Android and iOS) since we use the Apportable software, is was great option before the invention of cross-platform technologies. In the game the player will have to avoid, in the purest [...]

Kill Bird Game


Kill Bird is a game initially created only for iOS using Cocos2D Graphic Engine and Apple’s programming language Objetive-C (We currently use Swift). Later that year we adapted the App for Android using the Apportable software, making it available for both platforms. In order to win the game, the users must avoid at any cost [...]