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At Spira Dreams we change the world through technology, and that’s the reason we are so passionate about taking care of the little details. Truly understanding the needs and goals of every single project we collaborate in is of vital importance to us.

Our purpose is to provide high-end mobile apps and customized software to boost our customer’s business by making it more efficient, smart and disruptive. We guide the process of turning ideas from scratch into a completely functional and beautifully designed digital tool. This ensures the optimization of the targeted process and a higher user adoption. That’s what we love to do.

Finished Projects
Development Hours

Meet Our Leading Team:

Steven Máñez
Steven MáñezChief Executive Officer
Software engineer. Master in Mobile Business & App Design. Experience in native mobile technologies (Android & iOS). More than 35 Apps developed and published.
App Development 98%
Web Development 90%
System Administration 86%
Isaías Forero
Isaías ForeroBusiness Developer
Lawyer. Experience in Corporate Law. Entrepreneurial innovation Advance Course and post-graduate in Business Administration & Relational Marketing.
Business Strategy 96%
Public Relations 90%
Legal Advisory 82%
Ángela Vitela
Ángela VitelaCreative Director
Wide experience in branding, web & mobile design. Master in Mobile usability. Always focused on User Experience and Interface Design.
Graphic Design 95%
Branding 95%
CSS 89%

We Collaborate with Businesses From All Around the Globe!

The right tools, The appropriate solution.

We analyze every case according to it’s needs, searching and finding the ideal solution for every costumer.

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Beautiful Images

Images express feelings and reveal information to users.

Story Tellers

The visual sense let send the desired message to our users. We will always choose the most impacting visualization so your project be highlighted among the others.

The Smartest Solutions

User friendly & intuitive interfaces.


Having a hundred of features are worthless without a clear understanding of the purpose. Our prototyping process qualifies necessity of every function.

Cross-platform Development

Don't let the screen size or resolution matter

Apps & Web

Content is most the important thing to take care of, and it needs to be accesible anytime, anywhere.  Mobile optimization is key to be right where customers can see you.

We are here to SKY ROCKET your business!

Trough innovation, digitalization and a team formed by skilled professionals

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